Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Vaseline Spray and Go!

I needed to give this a try, saw the commercial, big fan of coconut smell ..... thought I would give a spray before I buy!  It was very oily and had to wipe it all over my arm to soak it in, within 2 hours my arm was red, bumpy, itchy and hot.  The rash was even on my fingers, where ever I put the lotion.  Looked up the ingredients and sure enough contains AVENA SATIVA (OAT) which contains gluten.  I was surprised by my reaction to it, reading information that gluten cannot cause a reaction unless ingested, well this just proves that is not true!

So glad I did not spray it all over!


  1. You really are getting gluten savvy!!!
    So glad you didn't spray it all over!!
    What a lovely mess that would have been!
    Great informative post, Lissa!

  2. wow! i never knew how our skin is a perfect absorber and conductor until i awoke from surgery with a hormone patch stuck on my midriff! if medicine goes right into our bloodstream that way... well you found out the hard way too!
    like your mom ~ you tried it first just on your hand.
    ok. i'm off to check out the last post. i'm already thinking this is going to be a cool site. LOVE the retro looking background. very cool. elegant.
    and now i know more of who is sitting looking into lola's eyes in the pic on your mom's blog! love that.

  3. Good to know! Lucky you spot tested (like they always say to do) before you applied it everywhere!

  4. Hi Lissa

    Found your blog from your Mum's. I am gluten free too and I struggle wiht it all the time, I have never read anyone write anything that explains how I feel as well as your first post did. You describe exactly how I feel after about 15 years of knowing I have Coeliac.

    Looking forward to hearing more about how you get on as time goes by. Are you totally gluten free (GF) in your house, or just for yourself? My husband still eats gluten things and I find this really hard and it would be much easier for me to be GF all the time if he were too.

    Glad you are feeling better - apart from your skincare!


  5. Hi Amy

    Sorry for the late reply, I am so glad you read my post, but I am sorry you are not feeling well. Are you still feeling bad after gluten free? Yes, my husband and I are gluten free at home. We got rid of our toaster, all cutting boards, frying pans and every single food item with gluten in it. Even to my skin cream and my face wash, shampoo and body wash. I have been " glutened" before and it was not pretty, in fact I was sick for at least a week after the horrible first and second day. So I am very careful. I could be a little paranoid but my 1st year follow up is soon so I want to hear I am healing.
    I can imagine that it would be difficult for you when your home is not gluten free,difficult with cross contamination.
    Thanks for visiting my blog, keep me posted on how your feeling ...... there is an excellent website Celiac.com in the "forum" section. They offer great advice and support, we all need it :)

  6. Thanks for posting your experience here. I bought it last weekend from CostCo and will be returning it next weekend. For some reason I thought Vaseline products dont carry gluten. I guess you always need to double check.

  7. Hi John, thanks for reading my post. I do believe that the spray and go contains the oat stavia that contains gluten. I had like I said a terrible reaction, but I believe that has to do with how sensitive you are to gluten. Are you Celiac?