Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Todays Rant on people

I was helping my sister move a few weekends back, met one of her friends who immediately  felt the urge to pull me aside and ask me some real ridiculous questions ......... " So what can you eat?" ...... "Wow it really sucks, so no McDonalds, breads, cookies, guess thats why you are so thin" or  "what does it feel like?" or the best one " So if you even have the tiniest amount ( as she held her fingers to show a tiny amount) can you cheat? will you be sick or die?"......................  Grrrrrr!


  1. Take a deep breath...
    Remember...people are ignorant of the disease...
    Remember...your 1 year check-up was a huge success...
    Remember...everyone who loves you, understands...
    And most important of all... are a very special person...and have taken on a huge challenge...and are educating people around you, to be aware of this debilitating disease...
    We are very proud of you Lissa...and will gladly continue the voyage with you, to good health...
    Get crackin' and make something with that gluten-free flour! haha!


  2. Hi I'm Heather! Please email me when you get a chance, I have a question about your blog! Heather.vonstjames(at) Thanks!!

  3. Hey Lissa, from one gluten free to another - stuff them! Sorry, I am not normally rude, but if someone cannot understand that you cannot eat something because it causes you health problems then that is their problem. Not yours!! If you had something else that was not this they would not react in this way I realise, but again, that is their problem. It really gets me the way that "some people" have hijacked gluten free and turned it into some sort of fad which makes it so hard for those of us who really have to be gluten free. Not to add to the moans (which are justified!) I have a relation who everytime I see them asks me what I cannot eat, does that include this and that and the other (random stuff, not GF related at all). It drives me made and I could scream, but you do get past it in the end, but it is hard and I do understand. So, your Mum thinks that you need to get baking! May I suggest getting some GF flour (all purpose or self raising, not sure what you have in Canada) and making a fruit crumble and/or some pancakes. Both work really well with GF flour and taste great - plus the pancakes give a very good reason for maple syrup which I know you have in Canada!! This might give you a start and you can make them for everyone to share and not feel like you are the odd one out. Also, I go for stuff that is GF anyway - see my pavlova posts - and then people don't even think about it being GF and you can eat it too. Sorry to go on, trust me, I know how hard this is, especially as an adult. You can always e-mail me if you want to chat or rant - or not, I don't mind either way - your Mum has my e-mail. Take care of yourself and don't think about "those people"!! Amy xxxxx

  4. Hello!
    I wish you would start blogging again if you can!
    My husband has to be on a gluten free diet, he has celiac disease, he is not on one to be trendy! LOL!
    Hope you are doing well.
    Let me know if you would like a good gluten free cookie recipe, I have been making it for 34 years now...I have PREFECTED it! :-)

    1. Hi Kay G!
      thanks for the comment! lol I know, I really should get into blogging ..... I am on instagram!
      I would love to chat and yes please I will take any delish cookie reciepe thank you!
      34 years, wow you must be a Celiac expert!

  5. You should start again....
    Feature your delicious beautiful meals you create...